CAE ESSAY. Cambridge English Advanced 3

My essay written according to Cambridge English Advanced 3 book (2018), authentic examination papers. Test 2 (p. 44).

Your class has listened to a radio discussion about the benefits of learning languages. You have made the notes below:

  • understanding other cultures
  • increseasing job opportunities
  • providing intelluctual challenge

Some opinions expressed in the discussion:

  • When you learn a language you learn a lot more than just words
  • You can apply for great jobs if you speak other languages
  • Learning languages is good for the brain

The topic of learning languages has always been debatable and controversial. Not only do languages help us to make the grade in business but also to comprehend other cultures. In this essay, I would like to consider two merits of studying languages and say which one is seems to me to be more significant.

Firstly, a language plays a vital role in connecting and understanding both people and cultures. Thus, having learnt a language, an individual is able to obtain an insight into the cultures of different countries and nations since he or she is able to communicate with citizens using their native tongue. It is particularly important because native tongue enables us to get a better understanding of their spiritual world.  

However, cultural value is not the only reason to embark on speaking a new language. A proficient command of languages will also be highly beneficial to those who desire to move up the career ladder since, for instance, knowledge of the English language is recognised by numerous major companies. Few people would dispute the fact that possessing good English speaking skills enables an employee to interact with their partners and supervisors more efficiently.

Bearing in mind everything mentioned above, I can conclude that both advantages are grossly important. However, it still seems to me that learning languages for business purposes should be of paramount importance due to the fact that it will help people to become independent and drastically enhance their lives.

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