Ready for Advanced. CAE writing. Formal letter.

Ready for Advanced. CAE writing Part 2. Formal letter.

You are planning an event to raise public awareness about a project that is important to you. You decide to write a letter to the manager of a large organisation to ask for money to help finance the event.

Your letter should explain

  • what the project is
  • what the event will involve
  • how the money will be used

Dear Mr Johnson,

I am writing on behalf of Saransk language school, where I am a public representative. As you may know, we run summer English classes for teenagers and primary school pupils. We also offer a care for children whose parents are temporary on the go. Our company has got a burning ambition to enhance children’s skills and knowledge of the English language.

We are planning to set up our project in June. It will entail speaking, reading and listening communities. Our supervisors will enable children to speak with fluency and confidence. They will use only authentic materials to provide children with up-to-date information. Moreover, we have recently purchased a few TVs, therefore children will watch English cartoons and films. Furthermore, teenagers will be able to sign up on Interpals to find a pen pal from English speaking countries. It will definitely strengthen their motivation.

Unfortunately, now we face a formidable challenge with underfunding. As a nonprofit organisation, we do not have enough recourses to purchase Cambridge literature for all our students. Also, we have an urgent problem with our office. It can house only 6 students whereas we have recently got seventy applications of participation. We are planning to rent premises for more than one hundred people. We are therefore hoping that you might be able to help us to resolve this problem by paying for our necessities.

If sponsorship were possible, I would be delighted to arrange a meeting at any time convenient for you.

Thank you for your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Eugene N


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