CAE review. Django Unchained.

This task is from Ready for Advanced Student’s Book. Page 24.

You see the announcement below on a film review website called FilmScape

The film I would like to review now is called Django Unchained. It is a spectacular dramatisation of the events that took place in the pre-civil war in America. The legendary story of an Afro American who managed to escape from the slave inferno and went from rags to riches. The film was directed by Quentin Tarantino. Probably, you have seen his widely-known and lauded work Pulp Fiction before.

The story begins with a scene of slaves moving towards a new cotton plantation led by two lords. Suddenly, they are stopped by a bounty hunter doctor Shultz. The man, who is portrayed as the salt of the Earth, ignores slavery and is willing to redeem Django. Unfortunately, negotiations are met with failure and Shultz decides to kill the owners. Django’s fateful encounter gives him a taste of freedom and now he is determined to rescue his woman who is kept by an unscrupulous and ruthless racist Calvin Candie, masterfully played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

As for me, I deeply marvelled at actors’ remarkable performances. Their sincere and thriving acting was captivating me the whole film. Moreover, I am impressed how Tarantino skilfully demonstrates the topic of slavery which is obviously forbidden in Hollywood. Despite the horror of those dark ages, he gives a hope of significant changes in political life. However, my one objection to the movie is that the development of the main hero sometimes seems slightly idealised. For instance, invulnerability and accuracy in a gunplay which is hardly based on facts. Also, it was let down by the usual cliches of most actions movies; slam-bang explosions, for example. Nevertheless, a gripping plot and stunning soundtracks have trumped the negative aspects.

All in all, I would highly recommend to watch this masterpiece. As for me, I am going to enjoy it again.

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