CAE review. Psycho.

Psycho (review)

The film I would like to review now is a rare example when the movie manages to trump the book it is based on. This masterpiece’s name is Psycho by incredibly gifted director Alfred Hitchcock. Probably you had seen his widely-known and lauded work The Birds before.

This story begins with a scene of two lovebirds kissing each other on the bed. Crane, the main heroine, steals a fortune from her employer to start a new life with her lover. She gets away with it and checks in a remote hotel somewhere in the countryside. She still doesn’t realise that she is living her last day.

As for me, I was deeply marvelled at hotel’s staff role, Norman Bates. His sincere and thriving acting was captivating me the whole film. One possible flaw is the black and white format. Nevertheless, a gripping plot and stunning soundtracks enable a cinemaholic to immerse themselves in this work of art forgiving all of these drawbacks.

I would highly recommend to watch this amazing movie. Frankly speaking, I am going to watch it again.

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