Essay: it’s not right to be strict with little children

The topic of relationships between parents and children, particularly regarding strictness, is a highly controversial issue. While many individuals argue against being strict with children, opposing viewpoints also exist. In this essay, we will examine the various perspectives and consider the facts at hand.

From my perspective, if parents were less permissive, children would not develop such demanding and entitled attitudes. I firmly believe that excessive leniency can lead to negative outcomes, such as neglecting school responsibilities, displaying impolite behavior, and even manipulating their parents. This behavior often stems from parents giving in to their children’s emotional manipulation.

However, it is important to acknowledge the opposing viewpoints that advocate for a softer approach in family relationships. Some experts argue that a gentle upbringing fosters open-mindedness in children. They suggest that a nurturing environment allows children to discover their talents at an accelerated pace.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting that numerous remarkable individuals attribute their success to the strict upbringing they received. Take, for example, Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, whose father imposed limitations on his activities. Despite these constraints, Bill Gates developed into a broad-minded and highly accomplished individual.

In conclusion, despite the valid considerations presented by those who argue against being strict with little children, I personally lean towards the opposite perspective. I believe that a balanced approach, which incorporates reasonable boundaries and expectations, provides children with guidance and structure necessary for their development.

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