Essay: Only people who earn a lot of money are successful

The problem of defining success is highly controversial. While many people believe that a high income equates to success, there are others who disagree. Let’s explore this topic further.

From my perspective, being rich does not guarantee true success. Firstly, if an individual solely focuses on accumulating wealth, they may never find genuine satisfaction. Additionally, the pursuit of fortune can lead to neglecting important aspects of life, such as family and relationships, which can result in numerous problems.

However, there is a considerable number of individuals who assume that successful businessmen have a life devoid of difficulties. They argue that those who earn substantial amounts of money can afford lavish experiences, expensive possessions, and cultivate influential connections, appearing to lead a life of perpetual fortune.

Nonetheless, I am inclined to believe that even affluent individuals are not immune to challenges. They too encounter personal, health, and relationship issues. Moreover, successful entrepreneurs bear the burden of constant responsibility, as they face crucial decisions in their business endeavors.

In conclusion, despite the valid arguments presented by those who associate wealth with prosperity, I remain convinced that ordinary people can also achieve success. True success should not be solely defined by financial status, but rather by personal fulfillment, happiness, and making meaningful contributions to society.

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