Essay: Testing medicines and cosmetics on animals is immoral

The debate surrounding the testing of medicines and cosmetics on animals is a contentious issue. While many individuals believe that such practices are immoral, there are others who argue that experiments on animals are a necessary part of scientific progress. Let us examine the facts to evaluate these viewpoints.

From my perspective, testing medicines and cosmetics on animals is indeed immoral. Animals possess a nervous system similar to humans, and they experience pain and suffering just as we do. Just imagine the agony an animal endures when subjected to the application of caustic substances on its skin. It is undeniable that countless animals lose their lives due to these tests, and certain components of drugs can result in prolonged and agonizing deaths.

Nonetheless, some people contend that testing cosmetics and medicines on animals is a necessary step to ensure human safety. They argue that the potential loss of an animal’s life is inconsequential when compared to the potential loss of a human life.

However, I believe that we should refrain from testing medicines and cosmetics on living beings. In today’s world, scientists have the capability to predict the harmful effects of substances without subjecting animals to such cruelty. They can develop new, safe components that are suitable for human use. Therefore, there is no need to inflict harm on other living beings. I consider animals to be our companions and believe that we should refrain from causing them any harm.

In conclusion, despite the valid arguments presented by those who believe that testing medicines and cosmetics on animals is not immoral, I firmly hold the belief that it is a dreadful and terrible practice. The advancement of science and technology allows for alternative methods to ensure human safety without subjecting animals to unnecessary suffering.

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